Widening of Florida Avenue Canal


Client:    B & K Construction

Project Name:  Widening of Florida Avenue Canal

Agency:  US Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District

Pipe Length:  5400 feet





Number of Fittings: 30 fittings

Pipe Diameter: 16” thru 72”

Wall Thickness: 3/8” wall thickness

Lining and Coatings: Coal tar epoxy lining, tape wrap coating & cement mortar coating





Phase 1 of the Florida Avenue Canal project extends from Mazant Street to Drainage Pumping Station 19. B&K Construction Co., LLC has been awarded Phase 1 of the widening project. B&K Construction partnered with Northwest Pipe and Jifco for this vital project.

Completion of the Phase 1 project comes with the price tag of 49.1 million dollars. One hundred percent of the funds for Phase 1 will be paid using post- Katrina emergency funding provided by the federal government

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