About Jifco

Quality Philosophy

What the customer wants, when they need it.

With a commitment for continual improvement

This statement will be represented in all work done by Jifco employees.


“What the customer wants” can be defined as a dimensionally accurate fabrication, manufactured in accordance with the customer’s requirements and the end users specifications, and delivered to the customer ready for installation. All in accordance with contractual agreements.


“When they need it” can be defined as a delivery date requested by the customer, mutually agreed upon by Jifco, and met successfully with quality products ready for installation.


“With a commitment for continual improvement” This creed can only be accomplished by practicing continual improvement of our business processes by superior management practices, constant training throughout the company.


A promised delivery date is a promise kept. Promises not kept are unacceptable, and violate Jifco’s mission statement and creed.


This Mission statement is Jifco’s creed.


All employees are charged with meeting our quality standards and ethical business practices, and in assisting all other employees in meeting these standards and practices.

To assure timely delivery, every employee is responsible for doing the job correctly, the first time. If roadblocks appear to prevent a quality job done on time, they shall be reported immediately. Only a quality product that meets all standards and specifications and arrives at the job site at its scheduled time, ready for installation, will be considered a job done well.

Jifco and its employees recognize that a satisfied customer is essential to our livelihood, our prosperity and our potential to grow.

Each Jifco employee is responsible for the quality and timeliness of our products. Each person in the organization has the authority to stop or prevent a product from further work or shipment if the product is non-conforming. The Jifco organization chart represents a chain of command of authority, with two exceptions; safety and quality. It is each individual’s responsibility to ensure that safe practices are followed, and to prevent non-conformance of products. When non-conformance is recognized, it is each person’s responsibility to stop the process, point out the non-conformance, and assist in immediate corrective or remedial action.

The quality of our work at Jifco reflects the quality of our workers. As a result, Jifco intends to set the standards to which other companies aspire, and to which other companies attempt to conform.


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