Lining & Coatings Capabilities

Testing Capabilities

• Non destructive testing

  • Cleanliness
  • Mil Checking
  • Blast profile

• Destructive testing

  • Adhesion testing

• NACE Certified Level 3 Coatings Inspector


Jifco’s Coating and Lining program is built on more than two decades of experience in industrial applications. Industrial coatings and linings are constantly evolving, becoming more technical and custom. In order to keep up with the newest developments, Jifco deploys a team of experts with extensive knowledge; we have implemented a rigorous training regimen, along with a meticulous quality control program to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry.


Coating and Lining Capabilities

• NSF Lining

• Cement Coating/Hand Lining

• Tape Wrap

• Polyurethanes

• Aliphatic Polyurethanes

• NSF Epoxies

• Coal Tar

• Primers

• Fusion Bonded Epoxies (Third Party)

• Galvanizing (Third Party)


Coating and lining begins with quality surface preparation. Jifco operates self-contained abrasive blast houses with integrated media recovery. When it comes to more custom blast profiles Jifco can accommodate you with auxiliary blast options, custom media’s ( I.E bead blasting) and automated equipment.


Quality control is critical in today's coating and linings. We at Jifco take this seriously and have developed and implemented both a rigorous quality control program and an extensive, customized training program.  Most of our painters have a decade plus of experience and still continue to train in all the modern advances and technologies.



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