Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant

This Vineyard surface Water Treatment Plant represents the biggest project ever undertaken by the Sacramento County Water Agency. The Vineyard Plant plays a critical role in reducing the region’s dependence on groundwater and will ultimately help to preserve and sustain groundwater resources within the county.


This plant features an innovative cooling design to adjust outside air for the interiors of the building. Its design maximizes the use of natural daylight while automated lighting control systems minimize energy consumption by using low volatile organic compound products and reduced water consumption.

Client: Balfour Beatty Infrastructure

Project Name: Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant

Agency: Sacramento County Water Agency

Pipe Length: 4000 feet

Number of Fittings: 70 fittings

Pipe Diameter: 84” thru 36”

Wall Thickness: 3/8” Wall thinness

Lining and Coatings: Epoxy Lining and Cement Mortar Coating


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