Tesla UV Treatment Facility

Tesla Treatment Facility located in Stanislaus County, the project combines ultraviolet (UV) water treatment with a chemical water treatment. “Our goal for this project was to be a model for sustainable infrastructure while reflecting the environmental stewardship of our agency and city,” said Bijan Ahmadzadeh, SFPUC regional construction manager. Jifco provided the treated UV piping within the UV Building with 12 each 48 inch diameter 51 mgd Calgon Reactors; and fed by 144 inch diameter site piping and valves. The Tesla Treatment Facility project is one of 81 projects included in the SFPUC $4.6 billion Water System Improvement Program (WSIP) to repair, replace and seismically retrofit aging infrastructure and other facilities within the Hetch Hetchy Water System.

Client: PCL Construction

Project Name: Tesla Treatment Facility

Agency: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Pipe Length: 600 feet 144 inch, 1,000 feet 48 inch


Number of Fittings: 25 each

Pipe Diameter: 144” – 48”

Wall Thickness: 5/8” – 3/8”, 4” thick Wye reinforcement

Lining and Coatings: Poly Urethane 80 mils



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