Potter Valley Power House

The Potter Valley Project for Pacific gas & electric (PG&E) that consisted of 60” and 36” Polyurethane lined and coated pipe. The job was designed to bypass the power plant from the existing dam and needed to be done in short time window. Since the project was a fast track job that required Jifco Inc.  to Manufacture the pipe to meet the schedule. The  fittings were complex and require extensive testing and treatment (heat treatment)  throughout the fabrication process.

Client:  PG & E

Project Name: Potter Valley Power House

Agency: PG & E

Pipe Length: 150+ feet


Number of Fittings: 13

Pipe Diameter: 60” to 36”

Wall Thickness:1/2” & 3/8”

Lining and Coatings: Polyurethane lined and coated



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