Alameda Siphon No. 4

Jifco constructed three thousand feet of new 66 inch diameter pipe that extends across Sunol valley from the existing Coast Range tunnel to the Irvington tunnel, consisting of a seismically-designed pipe in the fault rupture zone, which allows the new pipeline to move over 4 feet in any direction, and a tunnel crossing under Alameda Creek, with blending and pipeline cross-overs in the case of a major pipe rupture during a major earthquake.

Constructing 2 each 126” x 96” Girder Tees, 96” Wyes, 72” Tees and 66” Ells for cross-over structure at the Coast Range tunnel, in the event of a major rupture in Alameda Siphon numbers 1,2,3 or 4.

Client: Steve P. Rados Construction

Project Name: Alameda Siphon # 4

Agency: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Pipe Length: 3,000 ft


Number of Fittings: 25-35

Pipe Diameter: 126”, 96”, 72”, 66” and 60”

Wall Thickness: 1” to ¾”

Lining and Coatings: Epoxy/NSF-61 Epoxy



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